A.O.C. Bourgogne Tonnerre : 

Tonnerrois’ white wines, which were hitherto sold under the generic name of Bourgogne, have today joined the prestigious range of the distinctive Appellations…. The committee of National Institute of Origin Appellations (INAO) has in fact validated, on March 8th, 2006, the project of decree for the controlled origin appellation (A.O.C.) Bourgogne Tonnerre for the White Wines.

“Bourgogne Tonnerre” is on all the labels of the Tonnerrois’ white wines, as from the current crop, millésime 2006.

The geographic area of the Bourgogne Tonnerre for white wines gathers six villages of the Tonnerrois : Tonnerre, Molosmes, Epineuil, Junay, Dannemoine and Vézinnes, that is to say a total area of 103 planted acres. The Chardonnay is mainly cropped on the Tonnerre communes (47 acres) and Molosmes (27 acres).
Currently, the whole Tonnerois vineyard (Chardonnay & Pinot Noir) covers around 240 acres.

The Tonnerrois terroirs are excellent for the vine agriculture as they combine a good exposure, with appropriate sloped hillsides and an argilo-calcareous soil. The calcareous underground of the Kimméridgian era allows the wine to take root in depth up to 20 meters, thus providing an optimal expression of a Terroir…
The hillside exposure is remarkable ; the slopes are favorable to a good sunshine and a proper soil drying out.

 A.O.C. Bourgogne Epineuil  : 

Epineuil is the first village of the Tonnerrois which revived the vine as from 1975, and was awarded for its qualitative efforts by obtaining in July 1993, the appellation of “Bourgogne Epineuil” for the red, white and rosé wines.

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