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The Domaine

The Domaine is divided into différents vineyards: Éric Dampt, Emmanuel Dampt and Hervé DAMPT, "DAMPT Frères Earl" and Earl DAMPT - DUPAS, Earl Les Preuses...

It is difficult to mention one Dampt member only as we are all complementary. Éric is the first one who adopted the vineyard. His specialty ? The mechanization and management of the processing in terms of reasonable struggle... During the vintages, he organizes and schedules the “machine” vintages… Then comes Emmanuel who handles the wine press during the vintage period, the wine making and the maturing of wine, the bottling and the commercialization. For his part, Hervé, the youngest brother, is continuing the development of his organic farming.
It is to Jacky Poussière, Dampt's partner, that was given the task to the manual conduct of the vineyard.

Currently, the Dampt Vineyard covers the 3 Valleys of Yonne, Serein and Armançon.

We are operating in 16 villages of the Chablisian vineyard "Vallée du Serein" : Beines, Béru, Chablis, Chichée, Collan, Courgis, Fleys, Fontenay-près-Chablis, Fyé, la-Chapelle-Vaupelteigne, Lignorelles, Maligny, Milly, Poinchy, Prehy and Villy,

in 5 villages of the Tonnerrois vineyard "Vallée de l'Armançon" : Epineuil, Junay, Molosmes, Tonnerre and Vaulichères,

and 2 villages of the Auxerrois vineyard "Vallée de l'Yonne" : Irancy and Saint Bris.

Map of the Chablisian area

Map of Tonnerre



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