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A bit of History


Clic on Chevalier d'Eon...

The Tonnerre Vineyard is ingrained in History

Vine Culture in the Tonnerrois is time-honored and would go back to the Gallo-Romans. It only began to develop in the 9th century and witnessed a remarkable evolution.. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Tonnerrois vineyard was spreading over 5000 acres and the Wines of Tonnerre, were very well known for their high quality and had the reputation of being the best wines of the Yonne region.
Under Louis XV, the "CHEVALIER D'EON" (1728-1810),  famous ambassador and spy of the king born in Tonnerre, contributed to bring Tonnerre's Wines in all the capitals of Europe.
In the 19th century, they were transported on the Armançon and very appreciated in Paris.

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