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Our Savoir-faire

In order to maintain the Yonne Vineyards tradition, every piece of land is subject to a special care all along the year, thus allowing them to express their qualities and to unveil their traditional identity.

Since 2004, in a permanent effort to improve the quality of our wines, we have automated the collection of the grape harvest (stainless steel tub, grape harvest separator, pneumatic wine press). All our stainless steel curves are self-thermoregulated and they provide a perfect mastery of wine making and maturing. We are able to track the path of the wine, from the grape-harvesting to the bottling.

Each parcel is vinified separatly as grapes from vines planted on the hillsides and grapes from vines planted on the plateaux grow up differently. Each vat is under accurate computer monitoring and control by which follow up and traceability is ensured. Some of our Cuvées are matured in oak barrels as wood  brings more complexity and roundness.

In an attempt to reach a perfect balance, assemblages are necessary in order to express the typical nature of the Tonnerre and Chablis Tradition and ensure total respect to the vintage year. It is the blend of our various pieces of land that gives our wines their specificity, and even their “unique” characteristics, however balanced over the vintage years. Customers appreciate this constant specificity every year.

Combining tradition and modernism, our objective is to privilege wines of good quality and composition, able to satisfy both the taste of the various consumers (amateurs or connaisseurs) and the production of typical traditional wines.



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